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US-3264473-A: Radiation sterilization device with uniformly distributed beta emitters patent, US-3291001-A: Hydraulic motors patent, US-3393615-A: Apparatus and method for applying fusible organic particulate in a coalesced film condition to a surface patent, US-3393688-A: Coin dispenser patent, US-3411347-A: Vibrating string for measuring purposes patent, US-3429450-A: Storage rack patent, US-3432683-A: Shift register with blocking oscillator stages using overshoot pulses as sequence trigger pulses patent, US-3498932-A: Terpolymers of a c-substituted aziridine,an n-substituted aziridine,and an organic dihalide patent, US-3512828-A: Pickup bed cap patent, US-3522614-A: Swimming pool structure patent, US-3526823-A: Switching regulator control circuit patent, US-3545105-A: Ski boot patent, US-3549302-A: Image dissecting and modifying lenses for spectacles patent, US-3614760-A: Signaling apparatus patent, US-3628551-A: Confined jet amplifier having a receiver characterized by having a plurality of flow openings patent, US-3711732-A: Miniature synchronous motor patent, US-3731469-A: Convertible gang lawn mower patent, US-3753330-A: Apparatus for packing strips of photographic film patent, US-3776131-A: Printer patent, US-3780625-A: Operating mechanism for high tension electric switch gear patent, US-3789641-A: Method of lubricating a hot steel workpiece prior to hot rolling patent, US-3805769-A: Disposable electrode patent, US-3808585-A: Multi-contact connector provided with detachable terminal hood plates patent, US-3867871-A: Piston-to-rod detachable connection patent, US-3883730-A: Illuminated decorative display patent, US-2465229-A: Vacuum trap patent, US-2467113-A: Method of handling crossties patent, US-2477712-A: Port-scavenged two-cycle internalcombustion engine patent, US-2543704-A: Slide squeezer for collapsible tubes patent, US-2549691-A: Venetian blind patent, US-2608754-A: Apparatus for making thermal insulated pipe patent, US-2636671-A: Radio audience counting system patent, US-2661852-A: Toy electric railroad patent, US-2670424-A: Method of electric arc welding of metal or alloy studs and the like to metal or alloy plates and the like patent, US-2693890-A: Loading and unloading device for vehicles patent, US-2755833-A: Hollow headed gavel with telescopic handle sections patent, US-2776911-A: Process of coating paper with gellable water soluble salt of cellulose sulfate and pigment and gelling said coating patent, US-2800206-A: Telescopic mast patent, US-2855885-A: Amphibious vehicle patent, US-2866506-A: Digital systems for the automatic control of machinery patent, US-2900911-A: Fuze patent, US-2923722-A: 2-lower-alkyl-9alpha-halo-4-pregnenes patent, US-2938707-A: Hoisting mechanism patent, US-2943039-A: Process for the production of benzene patent, US-3040821-A: Drilling wells with clear water patent, US-3054951-A: Device for measuring the root mean square value of a slowly varying voltage patent, US-3058572-A: Apparatus for supporting sheets patent, US-3073134-A: Variable length pipe patent, US-3081212-A: Method and apparatus for laminating patent, US-3112733-A: Pet drinking fountain patent, US-3127324-A: Nuclear reactors patent, US-3178149-A: Valve device for aiding the starting of internal combustion engines patent, US-3205694-A: Cutting and pressing apparatus patent, US-3262743-A: Sealing device for a roller bearing patent, US-3271191-A: Method of making manganese ferrite film from nitrate solution patent, US-3371940-A: Vehicle variable height suspension systems patent, US-3436497-A: Electrical switch having a lost motion operator assembly patent, US-3447539-A: Oxidized cellulose smokable product including ashing ingredient patent, US-3474857-A: Wellhead closure apparatus patent, US-3519546-A: Method of increasing the activity of a catalyst in the oxidation of carbon monoxide patent, US-3526983-A: Method and apparatus for composing and decomposing pictorial representations patent, US-3537072-A: Instruction conversion system and apparatus patent, US-3637277-A: Entry resistant security file construction patent, US-3666031-A: Damage resistant bathroom scale construction patent, US-3721941-A: Multiple socket connector apparatus patent, US-3727766-A: Vacuum skimming apparatus for removing liquid contaminants floating in confined bodies of water patent, US-3752277-A: Torque clutch mechanism in an air wrench patent, US-3793537-A: Firing circuitry for semiconductive controlled rectifiers patent, US-3802339-A: Apparatus for scraping compacting drums patent, US-3826251-A: Locking knee joint for orthopedic leg brace patent, US-3853074-A: Structure for supporting articles for display purposes patent, US-3878851-A: Tobacco casing material patent, US-2428518-A: Hypodermic tubing, dental broaches, and the like patent, US-2476031-A: Reheater patent, US-2511211-A: Novelty box patent, US-2529423-A: Transmission mechanism patent, US-2616298-A: Escapement mechanism patent, US-2647555-A: Method and apparatus for splicing patent, US-2651945-A: Hydraulic time compensator patent, US-2666004-A: Steel strapping and shield patent, US-2696977-A: Livestock feed mixer and conveyer patent, US-2751940-A: Fluid pressure power-operated reciprocating shaft tool patent, US-2765711-A: Machine tool structure patent, US-2773286-A: Process of forming non-woven porous fibrous synthetic leather sheet patent, US-2784107-A: Production of artificial filaments, threads and the like patent, US-2806966-A: Crystal assembly and process patent, US-2836873-A: Automatic press for the pressing of large-sized stones from granular material patent, US-2840794-A: Electric junction block patent, US-2845795-A: Dynamometer patent, US-2913718-A: Automatic power output and difference frequency control systems patent, US-2960108-A: Water-check air-exhaust valve patent, US-3019459-A: Inflatable safety shirt patent, US-3039953-A: Selective conversion of normal paraffins with a crystalline zeolite patent, US-3126495-A: Cathode ray tube with a concave viewing screen patent, US-3209436-A: Method of fusing a contact onto a semi-conductive body patent, US-3211676-A: Composition comprising polyvinyl chloride and hexamethoxymethyl melamine patent, US-3250638-A: Metal coated paper employing irradiated subbing layer patent, US-3311222-A: Conveyor patent, US-3316345-A: Prevention of icing of electrical conductors patent, US-3320798-A: Hydraulic alignment head for specimen testing patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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