Hollow headed gavel with telescopic handle sections



July 24, 1956 A. J. QUAYLE HOLLOW HEADED GAVEI.. WITH TELESCOPIC HANDLE SECTIONS Filed Oct. 8, 1953 HOLLOW HEADED GAVEL WITH TELESCOPIC HANDLE SECTIONS Arthur J. Quayle, Toledo, Ohio Application October 8, 1953, Serial No. 385,005 s Claims. (c1. 14s-36) This invention relates to gavels, particularly of the type used by presiding officers. An object of this invention is to provide a gavel which may be collapsed into a compact package, and readily assembled into an instrument for use. Another object of this invention is to provide a unique tone resulting from striking the gavel against a solid surface. And another object of this invention is to provide a gavel which is readily susceptible to symbolic decoration. Other objects and advantages of this invention relating to the arrangement, operation and functions of the related elements of the structure, to various details of construction, to combination of parts and to economies of manufacture, will be apparent to those skilled in the art upon consideration of the following description and appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specication wherein like reference characters designate corresponding parts in the several views. Referring to the drawings: Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the gavel in knocked-down or collapsed condition; Fig. 2 is an end view of the gavel of Fig. l; Fig. 3 is a View on the line III-III, Fig. 1; and Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the gavel in assembled or set-up position, ready for use, parts being broken away. The gavel herein comprises a head and a handle 12. The head 10 may be outwardly configured to ernbody a desired design, and such head 10 comprises a tubular body 14 having an axial bore 16 extending therethrough. The opposite ends of the bore 16 are enlarged to provide terminal seats 18. Caps 20 are provided to have their skirts 22 nested within the seats 18, and the caps may be frictionally seated therein, or may have an interlocking connection 24 between the skirts and body 14, which connection may be in the form of a bayonet joint, threading, or the like. With the caps positioned in the ends of the body 14, the bore 16 becomes a closed chamber, and the caps 20 may be of such material that, when struck against a solid surface, the hollow body will provide a distinctive resonant sound, determined by the character of the materials employed in the construction of the heads and caps, together with the size of the chamber therein. Intermediate the length of the chamber 16, there is provided a pair of radially extending, diametrically opposed ports 26, 28, one of which may be threaded for the purposes hereinafter more fully described. The handle for the gavel herein is made up of a plurality of sections herein shown as three, one section 30, the inner section, comprising a cylinder having a reduced diameter portion 32 terminating in threaded stub 34. The opposing end of the section 30 is provided with exterior threading 36. The second, or intermediate, section 38 is a tubular section having interior threading 40 at one end and exterior threading 42 on its opposite nited, States Patent O 2,755,833 Patented July 24, 1956 end. The outer, or terminal, section of the handle comprises a tubular section 44 provided with an interiorally threaded end 46. The exterior diameter of the section 30 is just slightly less than the interior diameter of the section 38, which in turn has an exterior diameter slightly less than the interior diameter of the section 44. Thus, it may be seen that the section 30 may be nested within the section 38, and the section 38 may be nested within section 44, and in reverse positions, the threading connections 36 and 42 may coact with the threading 40, 46 to interlock the three sections itno an integral, rigid handle, which handle in turn may be inserted through the opening 28, with the threaded stub 34 engaging the threaded port 26 to thereby lock the handle 12 in position relatively with the head 10. The length of the individual sections 30, 28 and 44 are all slightly less than the length of the chamber within the head formed by the bore 16 and the registering interiors of the cup skirts 22. The handle sections may be formed to have friction connections or be threaded as herein shown. Thus, when the handle is in telescoped position, it may be deposited in the chamber within the head 14. This may be done by removing either cap 20 to expose the bore 16, and when the handle is deposited within the chamber, the cap 20 may be replaced, and there is provided a compact package, including the head with the handle therein. In assembly, it is only necessary to remove one of the caps 20, extract the handle segments, and assemble them in their proper order as to each other and with the head. The hollow construction of the head provides a distinct sound when the gavel is struck against a solid surface, and the exterior surfaces of the head and the handle provide ample space for insignia, emblems or other distinctive decorations. When the gavel is collapsed, it forms a neat and compact package which may easily be carried in a pocket or handbag. And the gavel of the invention herein presents a device which is a personal instrument, which can be carried conveniently from place to place. It is to be understood that the above description of the present invention is intended to disclose an embodiment thereof to those skilled in the art, but that the invention is not to be construed as limited in its application to the details of construction and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawings, since the invention is capable of being practiced and carried out in various ways without departing from the spirit of the invention. The language used in the speciiication relating to the operation and function of the elements of the invention is employed for purposes of description and not of limitation, and it is not intended to limit the scope of the following claims beyond the requirements of the prior art. What is claimed and desired to secure by United States Letters Patent: 1. A gavel cmprising a head having an axial bore extending therethrough and through at least one end thereof and a handle, said handle being comprised of a plurality of tubular sections, said sections being of different diameters to nest one within the other in telescopic collapsed condition, the diameter of the largest handle section being less than the diameter of the bore in the head and the length of any one of the handle sections being less than the length of said bore so that the handle sections in telescopic collapsed condition t within the bore, detachable means closing oif the said one end of the head, means securing the handle sections in rigid end to end relationship and cooperative means on the head and one end of one of the handle 3 sections for securing the handle in its rigid condition to the head. 2. A gavel as claimed in claim 1, wherein said bore has a counterbore at said one end of the head and said means closing oi said end includes a cap having a skirt fitting in the counterbore. 3. A gavel as claimed in claim 1, wherein said cooperative means includes a pair of radially extending, diametrically opposed ports in the head intermediate said bore and communicating therewith and an end portion on one of the handle sections adapted to lit in said bores, the terminal portion of said end portion and one of the ports having cooperating means securing them together. References Cited in the tile of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS Pell Mar. 24, Meacham Ian. 9, Colvin J'une 23, Shellabarger May 28, Kindland May 29, Kahlen July 29, FORElGN PATENTS France Feb. 25,



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